Wow March

It’s March, well the end of it and I haven’t written since god knows when. Well that’s a lie, it’s been since September but still I’m in a whole other year now!

I promise to take the time to be on here more.

I promise to put myself out there on here and write whatever my little heart desires.

I sound like its my new year resolution…..

Well what can I say? My life has been the most craziest of crazy between work and school who the hell knows what else has fallen in between from there to here. Lets just say I’ve been a tad bit busy.

I’ve been through another hectic year of holidays and about to endure another one. I’ve been pumping iron in school to receive the best possible GPA possible so I can be accepted into the nursing program. My list of To-Dos are probably about a mile long and it still feels like I am adding more to the page. But here I am! All  bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Truth: I have missed blogging it was just one of those things where I would do my school work first and then realize I didn’t want to spend any more time on the computer because my eyes felt like they were going to pop out.

So to the new Spring arising I will make it my mission to post at least once a week on something that strikes me, work, school or in general related.


And it’s September

Wow where did that summer go? Yes technically it is still summer, but it is closing in, and once Labor day hits, it’s all down hill from there.

However, I am really excited to be going back to college, as I have mentioned so many times before. I should be since my books were close to 400$s this time around!! Finally it seems like all my hard work that I put in two months prior is finally paying off, now I just have to keep up the good grades.

This month also starts the change of a new season; fall. Unfortunately the months to follow aren’t always the easiest to over come, but these couple of months are my favorite time of the year. With the weather cooling down, I’m hoping my schedule will become less crazy and I will be able to come on here more often, my goal that I’ve been having since August. But I can only hope, right??

It’s almost time!

Hello my dear readers! Yes I have been slacking, like a lot, but it’s a crazy month! Also I am suffering from a mild writing block, the struggle is real!!

So what is it almost time for??? COLLEGE!! EHHOOOOO!!! Yes it has been a hell of a month trying to get everything ready for college its tough. Between finding out of I have enough financial aid to book prices, it’s been hard. The forms, the running around, and the class schedule, it really isn’t that easy when you decided to enroll back into to college. Let’s also not forget that I have to completely change my work schedule around and start floating, which means I go where ever they put me, and not stay on one floor  like I’m used to.

As much as that paragraph above seems daunting I am super proud of myself for all the changes that I am making. I am proud that I have completed so much this summer, that I will soon be a college student again, I am proud that my life is going forward. Let’s just hope that everything runs smooth as I begin this new journey next month.

It’s almost the middle of the month??

I can’t believe we are basically half way through this month already!! Where does the time go?!? I know it has been awhile since I have turned on my computer to just joy write but I have been uber busy these past few weeks.

As the summer comes to a close I find that me and my boyfriend are packing as many day trips and fun times as we can on the weekends I have off. All these nice days that we’ve been having are packed full of fun adventures and chores that need to get done before the cooler months start to set in. Along with this I’ve been picking up days at work and figuring out everything I need to do to ensure I will be going to college this fall.

So I guess I have been busy these past few weeks. I would think, I need to blog I haven’t in a while, and then something else would pop into my mind that needed to get done and was more important than free writing, booooo. But it NEEDS to get done! Especially if it involves college. Which I can say that I am enrolled and all set with financial aid (thank god!)

Of course I am still trying to budget my way through life, it seems to be working now better because I am getting used to it more. I am finally saving some money every week and I’m not touching it once it’s in my savings account! I am super proud of myself. Along with budgeting comes my new position I applied for at work, I will be floating to any floor in my facility to work in exchange for me choosing my own hours and days I can work. I am excited and nervous for this all at the same time. But I know it will all work out.

Hopefully with the days to come I will be able to relax more and be able to blog a bit. maybe my mind will be able to open up a little more and I won’t have to think so much as to what to write about. Until next time folks!

Me, Myself, And Cosmo??

Growing up I was that socially awkard kid. Boys were so far out of my leage and I was lucky I had even one friend. So many times I thought I couldn’t do something because I didn’t fit in. I thought I was the loser in my class, and if I could go back now I would totally knock people that made fun of me off their feet. I would look in the mirror and wish I was like that one popular girl we had in our class, how beautiful her skin looked, how skinny she was, the fact that she could wear anything it seemed and everyone complemented her on it. I had baby fat like any normal kid did when I was in middle school, I hated it, so much that I wore boy’s t-shirts to school to hide my body. I thought I was ugly, and thinking now, I know I wasn’t I was just to nervous to think about what other people would say if I tried to change my apperance.

Through high school I gained some more confidence and tried wearing a dress the first day of sophmore year, even though I am 22 I remember this distinctly, this is because everyone of my friends who saw me wearing the flowy grey dress I bought said a negative comment to me. I zippered a hoodie over top of it because I was trying to “hide my body” yet again. I never wore the dress again, even though it was one of my favorites. I would look through magazines and think how amazing teen models’ skin looked, how they wore confidence and heels. They looked sleek and gorgious, and I was bound to be this.

It took me some time to actually be okay to wear a dress again, and when I did I walked right on past the friends that made fun. I stared down the jerks that thought my makeup was too loud. I walked high even when I felt low because I wanted no one to see me suffering on the inside. I wish I had one friend that was there to get me through it but I didn’t. In my small town if you didn’t fit in right away you always sat on the outskirts waiting. I never followed what other people were doing, I wanted to be myself.

Even though my teenge years weren’t the greatest I still have stuck to the beat of my own drum. I feel like I been able to find my true self easier than most of my past classmates, they were to busy following eachother, they never gave it thought to think about what they truely wanted for themselves. Body image, and what people wear are how you are judged now and days, and the thing that I have learned out of all of this; I won’t be that person. I won’t be that person who looks at you and walks away because you’re shirt has a rip in it. I won’t care if you never fit in becuase I never did either. I won’t look at you and think you’ll be an asset to my social life, I would rather have a genuine friend. Most importantly; I’ll never teach my children to look materalistically at the children who are less fortunate, who are scared, and have no one besides them to get them through a bad day.

I am strong from these days when I was a teenager that have haunted me, and I’m proud to be the person that I am. If it came down to me going back in time and redoing my childhood, I would stride through it with confidence and clarity knowing that when I reach adult hood I will be the person I always imagined I would be; Strong.


Thrift store shopping

When I was younger the thought of wearing someone else’s clothes that were “outdated” was almost like torture to me. I wanted to be cool; you know like the “cool kids”. I wanted brand new outfits from American Eagle and Areopastel. I didn’t want some weird clothing brand from the salvation army that smelled like moth balls and old stinky feet.

My parents didn’t have enough money for me to have brand new outfits every time I wanted to go shopping, so when I turned 14 and had my first job so much of my first income went straight to new clothes. I didn’t want to shop used again! Until I realized I was just blowing my money on things that I could find in a gently used consignment shop or the thrift store. So I began shopping around again in these types of stores. Majority of my clothes come from here and there’s nothing wrong with that! I can find brand new cute outfits in these stores, I just know how to do it, which I want to share to y’all how to really shop in a thrift store.

I know from experience that many people don’t think you can find really great clothes in a second-hand shop. I’m pretty sure these people also think that the Goodwill and Salvation Army only sell clothes that are tattered, beaten up, and with stains. Although you will find many clothes that have this problem many don’t! If you’ve never been into a second-hand store try it! You’ll be amazed at what you find when you put your mind to it!

I decided that when I went shopping the other day in the Salvation Army I would blog about the way I go shopping for clothes at the thrift store. There are some key things that you need to remember when you go to these types of store, they are completely different from a regular store you would find in a mall.

  • Most thrift stores divide their clothes up by style. Example; there will be an isle for tank tops, an isle for long sleeve shirts, an isle for blouses, and another for short sleeve shirts. This goes for every type of article of clothing. You might find plus size and maternity in their own section but for the rest of the clothing, all the sizes are mashed together in their designated spot.
  • There is a lot to look through and you will be over whelmed if you have never been in  thrift store before.
  • If you are not careful you could purchase something that is missing a button, has a tear, or even a hole. The people don’t really care because so many come there to buy clothes and turn them into something else, or fix what ever is wrong with them.
  • Expect to spend hours there. It takes me probably a good 2-3 hours to go through all the sections that are in the women’s. It’s time-consuming because you have to look through everything.

Now that I’ve given you a run down of how things are set up I’ll tell you how I shop.

  1. I start with shirts, I always do this, what ever I like and is my size I throw it in my cart.
  2. I’ll go to pants next and do the same thing, if it’s my size and I like the style I throw it in the cart.
  3. I’ll work my way over to the dresses and do the same thing.
  4. Stop! At this point my cart is super overflowing! I hit the fitting room. Yes most thrift stores has fitting rooms! I suggest using them because these items aren’t new, many shrink from the way other people have washed them, and this is where I can really find if something has a hole, rip, or is stretched out. Most of the time I weed down a lot of my clothes and end up putting a huge pile back on the rack.
  5. I’ll go back out and look at jackets, those I try on in front of a mirror, if there is any.
  6. I’ll look at shoes, which I’ll try on if I like, and accessories.

At the end I’ll calculate how much my total will roughly be. If I am in halves about purchasing anything I have in my cart, I end up putting it back because if I’m unsure than most likely I won’t wear it. I find that shopping this way at the thrift store is a good way not to miss anything that is there. I comb through all the isles, and although it does take me a long time, and you too. I find great things that are smashed in between other hangers. Plus I know that I didn’t miss out on anything because I looked through everything. So maybe one day you will drive by a thrift store and want to go in, I say go! You will find a ton of new things there, just be prepared to really look and try everything on!



The new month is here!

Holy smokes it’s already August?!? Where does the time go in the summer time? It seems like there is never enough of the warm sun and the ability to not freeze your butt off when you go outside for more than an hour a time.

I know I promised a ton of blog posts this week but to put it simply, I was just to busy to sit down and write about everything that I wanted to accomplish. It happens, it’s called life. I figured that on this lovely Saturday morning before I hauled myself into work for 8 hours I would sit and blog some while I had the laundry going, and just completed my daily yoga.

My college schedule is finally made! I was happy to be called in early to register for classes because my transcripts from my previous college showed that I did not need to attend a placement testing, I am just that smart! =-) I was the last seat for two of my classes (my luck is pretty good lately) and I am ahead of the game because a lot of my college courses I already took transferred over and applied to a lot of the courses I needed for the nursing degree. Hopefully I will be able to sign up for the nursing program by next fall! It makes me super excited to know that this step in my life is truly going forward.

As much as I was looking forward to paying off my one of my credit cards this week, it just isn’t going to work out. My boyfriend decided that he would like to take a day trip to the motor cross version of nascar. It’s a day event and requires money, so instead of shorting myself I decided that I would hold off until next paycheck and I would pay the whole thing off when it was actually due. I was upset with myself that I couldn’t pay it off in this pay check but I realize that if I were to, I would have shorted myself this pay period. It’s a long ways to go for two weeks when you only have cents sitting in your pocket. I would rather wait on paying off the bill than only have a few dollars to go to this race wanting to buy something I can’t afford. I believe that I am really understanding to give and take with my money, if I want to do something fun then money will go to that instead of going to a goal, which is unfortunate to me but sometimes I want to do something fun! Sometimes I would like to buy something for myself! I feel like that is okay as long as there is more than enough money to go around and I have put a little away in my savings account.

Although this month has flown by, I am ready to start a new month! I am ready to see what this month brings and what I can blog about! I am super stoked to be getting ready for college and the new experiences I will journey through as I go through the courses required to get into the nursing program. Most of all, I am just ready to journey through this month, relax and have some fun! From me to you my lovies! Peace =-)!

Bi-weekley pay checks

…Are crappy! I’ll admit it, they are! My weekend that I have off is the opposite week from when I get paid which makes me always broke and not being able to enjoy going out with my lovely Matt! Who is also paid on a bi-weekly pay basis and we are paid on the same week, so that other week we have no pay is hard on both of us if we don’t budget correctly or if something happens.

Now since I’ve started really getting into my blog I’ve been recording my pay days and the ways that I have budgeted, which seems like a lot but really has only been a month! I get paid tomorrow and I’ve already sat down and reviewed how much I was going to spend on my bills and necessities. To be honest, my budget wasn’t going  as how I planned, I was still dipping into my money I was tying to put aside because I wasn’t allowing my self  enough money to actually cover things like gas, or supplies my animals.

Needless to say I had to do some reconfiguring, I added more money to my gas  and animal envelope system. I don’t want to dip into my savings account for this pay period if I can help it. Even though my budget is not as sound proof as I wanted it to be, I am no longer over sending my paychecks, and I am proud of myself for that.

The toughest thing about bi-weekley paychecks is the ability to stretch your money for two weeks. It doesn’t help that I also have the day off that I am paid on and the day after so I want to go out right when I am paid to spend money. That’s another reason why I never have any money for my weekend off, I always spend it on the first day because I have it off! It feels like the longest stretch ever, especially when I get down to the few days before receiving my paycheck. Some times if I’m out of cash and need a head of lettuce or a roll of paper towels, I’ll count change so I won’t have to pull my card out!

I feel like I would save more on an every week pay period! This is because I don’t have to stretch my money as far. I would have shorter terms for goals and I would be able to handle my money in shorter spurts. I believe that it would make it easier to figure out how much I am spending every week besides every two weeks. Plus there is a lot more things that can happen in every two weeks than in every week. But maybe I think this because it has been a long time since I have been on an every week pay period.

I’m hoping that as I become more experienced as a budgeter I will learn more tricks as to how I can stretch my money for longer. For now I’ll just be happy that I am saving what money I can and paying off what debt I owe. It is the beginning to something amazing and I do say I am not so anxious when I check my bank account any more because I know there’s money in there!

Some crazy new things!

Good morning to you all, it’s about 10:15 on this lovely summer day, and I have had a full night of rest. This week is major for me so I started it off right by getting the proper sleep, eating my Cheerios, and most importantly; BLOGGING!!! HEELLLOOOO!!

First thing’s first; I am getting paid again this week! (Always brightens my mood =-) ) and that may mean I can pay off my first credit card! Then call the company and insult them by canceling it for good!! So of course I will have to tell you all about how that experience goes.

I also have my Student Acceptance Day to attend at Suny Adirondack!!! Yay!!! I get to make my schedule (finally!) and check out the college. Honestly this is why I am super excited, I can’t wait for Friday so I can go and get that part of my enrollment taken care of.

I’m hoping to do a little thrift store shopping, and I plan on doing a post about that because I know many people are always amazed at the outfits I can find at the thrift store =-P! Also I plan on grocery shopping which means another blog post about that experience, since I’m on an $80 budget for two weeks.

It may not seem like a lot of things happening for this week, but it is. I’m really excited about the prospect of how everything will go at college, plus I still have to go to work, so my days off are going to be jammed packed with me running around. Of course I can’t forget this little project I have going on right in front of me now, I hope to continue to grow, and that takes time and planning as well so I hope this week is also a positive outlook on here too!

With my  week already begun and my morning that’s starting to escape me, I’m going to post this little number and get to doing the house work before I can’t fit everything that I want to do in. I’ll catch you all on the flip side, PEACE LOVES!!

Making some changes!

As I am dearly new to blogging and the WordPress world, I am changing up the format, style, and menu from what I have created. I feel like I have the chance to do this now because my blog is still “newish” and I’m still finding my perfect niche. If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I would greatly appreciate the constructive criticism! I would like for this blog to become a master piece over time.